On a recent tour we took the opportunity to find out a little more about our Licensed Guide Penny who has been our go to person for Delphi. The first time we met Penny we were on a multiday tour with a group of very keen keen amateur Historians who even with our own keen insights into Greek history seemed to have quite a depth of knowledge. They told us they were looking forward to ‘testing the guides knowledge’ before their personal tour, and as this was the first time we had worked with Penny we were a little worried by the outcome.  They came back to thoroughly impressed with her knowledge & I know from what they told us they chose some specifically obscure questions.


Penny handled the group with the same charm & grace as she has done for all our guests since and has become the ‘go to’ person when ever we visit Delphi, although she covers the other archeological sites also in Greece. On a recent tour we asked Penny to tell us a bit more about her self & her work noting that her English was very good. Had she lived in the UK? She tells us the studied at the University of Central Lancashire & then Leicester earning a Degree and an MA before returning to her home in Delphi to work as a guide. We find out she has two young children now & a husband who owns one of the local hotels so she says things are always busy but Delphi is the best place to be.


We notice that in our conversations when referring to Delphi she often uses the word ‘connectivity’ so why the reference? Delphi she says is ‘like a history book’. It was recognized as the center of the world not only by the Greeks but by the whole region and a crossing of ways. It was in use as a spiritual center & of course home to an oracle from pre history all the way up to the Roman empire. It was almost like the facebook of the ancient world’.


Her enthusiasm always comes out & in talking about the are I mention how impressed I am in the natural history of the area apart from the ancient site itself since each time I have visited I have come across everything from Brown bears, to large lizards, to Scorpion spiders. Looking at the towering cliffs above the site its also always possible to spot one of the many species of Birds of Prey soaring above. Its obvious the area has a lot to offer. Penny tells us about some of the local activities there we were not aware of such as sailing, honey tasting and parasailing.


Its a great pity Delphi is often done is a day trip or as a stop on the way to Meteora, so we vow to develop some two & three night tours with her help in the near future, so watch this space! and if your next tour with us involves Delphi you will be in for a treat.